Cow Sales

475 Bred Cows December 12th @ 11am

Sale features 5 Dispersals!!!  Sale begins at 11AM.  Plan to attend to add a few more breds to your herd. Dispersal for Jerome & Wanda Bomerak of 32 Char & Red X Cows bull out June 1st Dispersal for Ed Runge of 65 Char/Red/Black Cows Dispersal for Jim Kay of 45 Char and Red Cows […]

65 Head Dispersal for Ed Runge

Ed has decided to sell his cow herd. It will consist of approx 12 Reds, 20 Blacks and 34 Char Cows. Each breed is bred back to the same breed of Bull.  There will be 12-3rd calfers, and 11 5th- calfers.

45 Black Bred Cows for December 12th

Good young Black with a few Red Angus cows bred back to Black Angus bulls.  Due to start calving in March.  Great set of cows.  Don’t miss this opportunity to add some quality to your herd.

Jerome & Wanda Bomerak Dispersal December 12th

The Bomeraks are going to be moving their cow dispersal at Whitewood on December 12th.  These cows will consist of mainly Char and Red X cows bred back to Red Angus Bulls.  Extremely quiet herd. 

Jim Kay Dispersal December 12th

The Kay herd will be on offer at WLS on December 12th. These will be Char and Red Cows that are bred back to Char or Red Angus bulls.  Bulls went out on June 5th.

12 Red Angus Heifers

These heifers are bred back to purebred Red Angus bulls.

Selling Cows?? Give us a call 735-7813

We are taking consignments for our upcoming Bred Cow sales.  If you are thinking of dispersing your herd or are just looking to move a few we would be happy to discuss what your options are.  Call the market or any of our Field Reps, for contact info Click Here.